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Organization History

Brief History of the Organization and Description of its Purpose

Amirani Int'l Inc was founded in the year 2003 and by Aug 2004 received 501(c) (3) Non-Profit status. We are a group of Georgian immigrants who share passion and belief that not only Georgia, but Caucasus as a whole, has a realistic possibility of becoming an island of peace and mediation between Eastern and Western cultures.

The organization was formed with a mission to promote peace and understanding among cultures through art, to restore basic values cultures have in common and act as a cultural mediator. In order for people of different backgrounds to respect and love each other, they first need to have an opportunity to understand the essence of the culture, which lies in that particular culture's artistic creations.

Today conflict on the basis of religion and nationality is one of the biggest issues in the world and without attempts to neutralize these threats, the humanity itself is in danger. Therefore it was not a coincidence that we were the ones to take up this mission. Georgia, which is geographically located on the border of Europe and Asia, has adopted cultures of East as well as West for centuries, thus also giving away its own culture. Considering this, Georgians remain the people who equally well understand the Eastern and Western thought. It is therefore a real possibility for Georgia to become a bridge connecting the two worlds. We are driven with a belief that were one tenth of the amount nations spend on military defense used towards developing understanding, trust and love, we would not have such demand for arms and defense.

With the above in mind, we have worked out projects such as symposiums, exhibitions, concerts and other means of cultural promotion. Our projects simultaneously serve two purposes: cultural dialogue and assistance to talented artists. Instead of monetary assistance, we provide artists with opportunities to travel, to establish contacts in art community, to better understand other cultures and promote their own, opportunities to create and exhibit artwork; this step helps us further our mission. We have devised a unique approach, which not only helps the art world and lends a hand to cultural exchange, but also enriches countries with international artwork.

One of our goals is promotion of Georgian culture in the mass society, since it is one of the ancient cultures of the world that continues to survive despite the trials and sufferings. Today the unique historical monuments of Georgian culture, some of which are already included in UNESCO's World Heritage List, face structural damage that demands immediate attention. Archaeological excavation are important not only for Georgia but for the history of humankind. For example, two fossil sculls found beneath the medieval ruins in Dmanisi, Georgia, are about 1.7 million years old, which makes them the oldest human remains anywhere outside Africa.

No less attention should be paid to abandoned, orphaned, terminally ill children as well as the elderly. True peace can not exist in this world as long as there are children and elderly without shelter. We also took a unique approach to this issue. In houses of hope, we place 3 generations, 4 to 6 homeless children are adopted by a mother, grandmother/grandfather, whom we sponsor financially with a minimum amount to maintain a basic standard of living. In such homes no child will feel as a stranger; this is his/her home and working for the family, the child will not feel used. Sense of kindness, responsibility, respect and compassion can be developed with guidance when 3 generations live together. In its own right, the younger generation gives sense of beauty and meaning to life, when one is provided with a family, a sense of belonging and a sense of being needed. In such families as this love can be nourished so that in future homeless children and elderly will not be left behind.

The above mentioned projects are only a small part of our vision and establishing the Georgian Cultural Centre in New York is our first biggest step towards it. Please help us make our first steps so that we can describe these projects in past terms.

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